Robotics as an API

in a modern programming language


Robotics API @ GitHub

Robotics API v1 is available on GitHub:

Robotics API has been published as Open Source under the MPL license.

If you are interested in controlling a supported device that has not yet been released as open source, please contact us.

Develop your robot application from scratch.

CONFIGURE the robot world from the Robotics API’s rich set of objects and devices, including stationary, driving and flying robots

PROGRAM application logic in an object-oriented way, combining expressive robot commands with common design patterns

SIMULATE programs with built-in simulation drivers and visualization tools

EXECUTE your program with your robot in a deterministic and precise way


Profit from generic features to build high-end applications.

Under the hood, the Robotics API provides a huge bunch of technical features which allow for programming complex processes fairly easily.

low batch-size manufacturing with easy object oriented programming

easily take off with your project and the robotics api

dmx as another realtime-bus: robots having fun

realtime sensor processing for human-robot interaction without safety fences

cooperating mobile robots

high-performance actions in realtime across different manufacturer-platforms

Various devices supported with realtime-cooperation.

There are many devices which are already supported by the Robotics API - out of the box!

Just configure whatever you will use in your robot cell and start programming.

  • KR-Series
  • Youbot
  • LWR 4
  • LBR iiwa
  • TX-Series
  • MEG gripper
  • Powerball arms
  • SDH hand
  • UR5
  • RMP 50 Omni
  • Tracker
  • Nexus
  • Tracker
  • Turtle Bot
  • Saphira
  • Crazyflie
  • Heros platform
  • Sigma.7
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